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EU – FP7 – Leonardo da Vinci: MOSBIO Project

The Association of Biotechnology of Latvia (ABL) from end of 2006 participated in Project „Modular education for interdisciplinary Systems Biology (MOSBIO), the Project is approved till end of October 2009. Project will be coordinate by LLU ITF leading researcher Egils Stalidzans.

Aim of project is to find individual rational education path for monodiscipline (like biology, information technology, mathematics, physics, chemistry etc.) specialists to enjoy Systems Biology (SB) one has to name its contents that are split in modules.

The task of ABL within the frame work of this project is to provide the project partners with biotechnology related information and competence.

Partner of the Project:

»  Latvia University of Agriculture, senior researcher Egils Stalidzans,;
»  Rostock University, Germany, Prof. Olaf Wolkenhauer;
»  Tartu University, Estonia, Prof. Maido Remm;
»  Medicel Ltd, Finland, Christophe Roos, Ph.D.,;
»  Latvian Association of Biotechnology, Latvia, Juris Vanags;
»  Noraybio, Bilbao, Spain, Mr. Julio Font

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