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Asla Biotech Biotechnology services such as gene synthesis, custom of DNA/RNA services, expression of proteins, Polyclonal & preimmune sera, monoclonal antibodies, stabule cell lines
Biosan Production of innovative laboratory instruments for sample preparation, which include the next generation of apparatus
Elmi Production of microprocessor controlled laboratory equipment for the medicine and biology
Biotehniskais Centrs Production of laboratory bioreactors/ industrial process automation
Genera Analyzation and manipulation of DNS: genotyping, determination of A and B hemophilia mutations, breast ovary risk assessment, 15 loci parenthood test, diagnostics of monogene and other disease, pharmagenomic researches
Grindeks Development, manufacture and marketing of final dosage forms pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients
Olainfarm Developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing a broad range of pharmaceutical products
Biolat Manufactures biologically active substances from tree foliage and other plant biomass for food industry, pharmacy, plant protection etc
Sigra Research institutions and producers in the field of animal biotechnology and animal medicine
Pharmaidea Product development of active pharmaceutical ingredients --

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