„Association of Biotechnology of Latvia” [ABF] („Latvijas Biotehnoloģijas asociācija” [LBA]) has been established at 2006.Establishing of Association was necessary for mobilization of existing Latvian companies and research organisations at biotechnology field. This Association was established with possibilities to include there some another profile companies and some new, too.

In reality, Latvian scientists and specialists on biotechnology was among pioneers on this at Soviet times. As result, in practice they still active, in university are biotechnology study programs and research in perspective directions of biotechnology is actual.

At 90-tees, in accordance to political and economical changes, development of this sphere was stopped. Some large factories and plants were destroyed and research was minimized, too. Again, at last years after Latvia's integration in European Union, demand for this sphere development has growth.

One of most important purposes of Association: consolidation of companies and research organizations, which have interest on it, for perspective biotechnology projects in Latvia.

Brochure of Association of Biotechnology in Latvia

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